Interactive Theatre parties, North West Perth

Interactive Theatre parties, North West Perth

Age: 5 - 7 years
Day: Flexible
Time: Flexible
Location: Interactive Theatre Parties - North West, Perth
Adults Stay? Yes

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What happens in an Interactive show?

Most suitable for children from three to seven years, during each one-hour show, children are whisked away on imaginary adventures, exploring new lands and walking in the shoes of their favourite characters. They will sing, dance, play drama games and, of course, do lots and lots of pretending! One very talented performer will take on a range of roles in this magical adventure. We don't need props or costumes - all we need is a little imagination!

Can I choose the theme? 

From pirates to dragons and dinosaurs, princesses to fairies and mermaids we're sure to have a show that your little one will love. Find out more about our themes here, or select from the drop-down list in the booking form.

Don't forget to let us know if your child has a favourite character, friend or song they'd like to appear in the show - we'll do our best to make it happen!

How many guests can I invite?

We can perform for up to 30 children but ask that any adults who stay at the party sit quietly and watch the show with their child. We'll be encouraging little ones to concentrate and to use their imaginations which can be tiring, so they'll get the best out of the party if there is no background noise or other distractions.

What does it cost and what's included?

$165.00 plus $2 per child
$50.00 deposit required to secure your booking
Printable party invites (free)
Party CDs available at just $1.00 per child
Certificates & balloons also available at a small additional cost

How do I book?

First of all, submit the booking form so we can make sure we're available on your preferred day and time. We'll confirm your booking via email and then take a £50.00 deposit.

Have fun!

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Meet Elle Mulder...

Hi! My name is Elle, and I just love Pyjama Drama! You’ll find me flying around the north west suburbs of Perth with my magical, fun-filled classes. I’ve always loved to entertain, I have a degree in film & drama, and I can’t wait to meet your little ones to put a smile upon their faces. One week, we might take a rocket to the moon; the next, we might dance with dragons. We could eat wiggly worms, kiss slimy frogs, or dress up like pink princesses! The only limit to where we’ll play - and what we'll learn - is your child’s imagination. I visit daycares, schools and community centres, and I’ll drop by your party too. So invite me along to meet you and your friends, and we’ll fly somewhere amazing together.

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