Classes in schools

WHAT DO WE DO?  We visit schools delivering our unique imaginative play & drama sessions during the school day or in an after-school club. Schools can also choose one of our hugely popular interactive performances; a fun-filled show packed with music, song and dramatic play, perfect for assembly or special events.

HOW OFTEN DO WE VISIT?  Pyjama Drama can visit weekly or fortnightly, or even just once in a while to help celebrate Christmas, Easter, or Children's Book Week.

WHAT HAPPENS IN A SESSION?  In our Rainbows classes, children sing and danceplay games and pretend; every session is lots of fun! We don't use elaborate props and costumes (we don't need them), and we aren't trying to train child actors. Instead, Pyjama Drama harnesses the power of the imagination. We have hundreds of different themes available. In our Sunbeams classes, children listen to stories and tell their own; sing and move to music; play drama games; and create drama using simple techniques such as role play, still image, movement, narration, hot seating, soundscapes, and thought tunnels. We have lots of fun! 

WHAT ARE THE LEARNING OUTCOMES?  Our classes develop social skills such as communication, cooperation, confidence and concentration. We work closely with staff, as well as parents, to ensure what we offer is inclusive, fun and educationally sound, as well as helping to reinforce and support the learning taking already taking place. Many of our sessions have been developed to introduce important messages such as how to safely cross the road, how to stay safe in the sun, or how to stay safe at the beach. And many help children to learn about and explore their world; starting big school, going to the dentist or looking after a new baby brother or sister for example. Our older sessions also offer opportunities for cross-curricular links with, for example, sessions exploring The Environment (Science), Different People (History), or Celebrations (The World Around Us).

WHAT AGE GROUPS DO WE COVER?  We offer two age-differentiated classes:
Rainbows (approx. 3-4 years)
Sunbeams (approx. 5-7 years)

Additionally, our interactive performances are perfect for children aged 3-7 years.

HOW MANY CHILDREN IN A CLASS?  Our sessions work best for between 12-16 children, however we do provide our sessions for larger (or smaller) groups. If numbers grow larger than 20 children in a room, it is important to review regularly to ensure all children are getting the best out of every session. All children in the room are included in the session and encouraged to join in. In an Interactive Performance, one Session Leader can take up to 30, as the class becomes part of our very special 'audience'. We can cater for larger audiences by adding a second Session Leader.

NEXT STEPS?  Contact us today for further information or book a session now. Interactive shows can be booked here.