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WHAT DO WE DO?  Pyjama Drama deliver imaginative play & drama classes for children from 6 months to 7 years; age differentiated to ensure activities are perfect for each child’s developmental stage. We also have classes and interactive performances which take place during the school holidays.

WHERE AND WHEN DO CLASSES RUN?  We run both weekly classes during term time and activities throughout the school holidays. You can search for your local classes here.

WHAT HAPPENS IN A CLASS?  In all our classes children singdance, play games and pretend. We have hundreds of different themes covering a wide range of topics. One week we may fly to the moon, the next take our poorly dog to the vets and the next swim in the ocean with a friendly shark. Your child can join Pyjama Drama age 6 months and attend every week up to the age of 7, without ever repeating the same session! 

WHAT DO CHILDREN LEARN?   Pyjama Drama helps children learn about their world in a safe environment; allowing them to 'trial' situations before they happen (like going to the dentist or starting 'big school'), to practice using new words, to try out different personas and explore different feelings. This all helps improves communication skills, builds confidence, develops creative thinking, and cooperation skills, as well as helping children to become better listeners.

We don't use props and costumes (we don't need them), and we aren't trying to train child actors either. Pyjama Drama harnesses the power of the imagination to nurture confident, expressive, curious and happy children.  

WHAT DO THE GROWN-UPS DO DURING A CLASS?  Please rest assured you'll never be asked to do anything that makes you feel silly (that's our job!), but whether your child is a little shy or a natural extrovert, they'll benefit from you being in the class with them having fun. You'll also learn some new games that you might like to play at home. As your child grows in confidence, you may take a step back from some parts of the class, but we do ask that parents refrain from talking among themselves as it can be very distracting for the children.  

HOW MUCH DO CLASSES COST?   Class costs start from $15 each, with a sibling discount usually available. There are some variations on pricing regionally. For exact prices, please check details of individual classes when searching for a class near you.

HOW TO BOOK A CLASS OR SEND AN ENQUIRY  You can search for your local classes here. All class listings contain information about your Pyjama Drama leader, as well as details of how to send them a message if you have any questions. If you want to go ahead and book a class, complete the simple booking form and your local leader will be in touch to confirm your place and to request payment.

Customers joining a weekly class initially do so on a three-week trial. Pyjama Drama has been shown to have real demonstrable benefit for a child’s development, and the effect is cumulative. This is why we offer a no-obligation trial which allows you the opportunity to experience the real value of our classes and provides a much clearer picture of how they can help to boost your child's development.