Pyjama Drama's online play programme will whisk your children (approx. 2-5 years) away to a series of fantasy worlds. In every session, we sing, dance, pretend and play; enjoy exciting adventures and meet a whole host of imaginary characters. Not only are our online sessions lots of fun, they develop key life skills like confidence, co-operation, concentration and creative problem solving. We don't use props or costumes. Instead, we harness the power of the imagination to nurture confident, expressive, curious and happy children. 
Whether you're a childcare, school or parent, The End of the Rainbow is available now on our You Tube channel.
Welcome (Warm up)
A Royal Cup of Tea (Session 1)
Caterpillar Soup (Session 2)
Dragon Jive (Session 3)
The Ocean's Favourite Song (Session 4)
Treasure Hunt (Session 5)
Goldilocks Makes Porridge (Session 6)

Watch each session as often as you like... and whenever you like! So, what are you waiting for? Let's play!

 Welcome to the end of the rainbow


“Loving it! We did ‘Caterpillar Soup’ today. My 3 year old was cackling like a witch at the dinner table.“

Kristin, parent from Carine, WA


"Melyah, aged 3, and Arie, aged 1, are loving the videos! The music and movement captures their attention and the energy is contagious - even I get involved! In this crazy world that we live in today, it’s simply refreshing to be taken away into a magical world…" 

Jenny-Ann, parent from Ellenbrook, WA


“Emily, aged 3, really looks forward to “Jama Drama”. She enjoys the warm up and joins in confidently. She is engaged with the poems, dances along with the songs, and - with my help - is able to keep up with the storyline. I’ve seen a definite improvement in her creativity and imagination. In one session, Emily through the seaweed right back at you!! She also laughed like a crazy person at Crabby Crab's antics... what great adventures!”

Kim, parent from Quinns Rocks, WA 


“Amazing! You {Pyjama Drama} are doing such a stellar job in this season that we are in in our lives…” 

Kath, parent from Carramar, WA


“We absolutely love Pyjama Drama. My girls get excited when they see Elle on the big screen and love using their imaginations, counting, singing and playing along. These sessions are essential for our little ones' learning, development and interactive skills. We cannot wait to attend classes in person very soon.”

Candice, parent from Joondalup, WA


"Nieve loves seeing you on the screen and even waves back to you. Her favourite bits so far have been the queen song and meeting Squeaker again! It’s adorable seeing her using her imagination. She even carried Squeaker around the house in her hand.”

Julie, parent from Butler, WA