Classes in childcare and family centres, kindergartens and preschools

Young smiling woman sitting in a circle with a group of preschool chidlren, all looking at her and smiling


We visit nurseries and preschools delivering our unique, age-differentiated drama classes and Interactive Performances. We're in settings throughout the UK and in California, Malaysia and Australia.

Pyjama Drama visits some settings weekly, some once a month or every half term, and some just once in a while; to help celebrate Christmas or World Book Day for example.

Lots of our sessions have been developed to reinforce or teach important messages such as how to safely cross the road, or how to stay safe in the sun and slip slap slop. And many help children to learn about and explore their world; starting big school, going to the dentist or looking after a new baby brother or sister. All childcare & family centres, kindergartens and pre-schools who book with Pyjama Drama do so because our classes and shows develop skills such as communication, cooperation, confidence and concentration, and because they are lots of fun!

Children sing and dance, play games and pretend, and it's always a different adventure! We have hundreds of different themes covering a wide range of topics, so one week we may fly to the moon, the next take our poorly dog to the vets and the next swim in the ocean with a friendly shark. We don't use props and costumes (we don't need them), and we aren't trying to train child actors either. Pyjama Drama harnesses the power of the imagination to nurture confident, expressive, curious and happy children. Take a look for yourself...