Interactive Performances

WHAT DO WE DO?   We offer dynamic, high-energy, imaginative and interactive performances during the school holidays, and at schools and community events. Our shows are stress free. We don't need elaborate props or costumes (because we don't need them!) We'll arrive with nothing more than our Pyjama Drama music and, most importantly, our imaginations.

WHAT THEMES DO YOU HAVE?  With hundreds of shows available, we'll be able the perfect theme for your event, whether its stomping with dinosaurs, flying with superheroes or swimming with mermaids — the possibilities are endless! We can also provide educational themes such as Cyber Safety or Protective Behaviours, or events for Easter, Christmas or Children's Book Week.

WHAT HAPPENS IN A PERFORMANCE?   Jam-packed with original music, drama games and adventure, we provide a performance like no other. Audience participation is actively encouraged, and children love being involved in the action; taking on different roles (one minute a goodie, the next a baddie), sharing their ideas (shouting out is fine!), learning and joining in with new songs, and playing games inspired by the story. 

WHAT AGE GROUPS DO WE COVER?   Our shows are perfect for children from 3-7 years; they are also suitable for younger children accompanied by an adult and older children (and adults!) who are young at heart!

HOW MANY CHILDREN CAN YOU TAKE?   With one or two performer options, we can take up to 60 children at a school or comunity event. Our holiday shows can be more intimate and often cater for a smaller group of children.

HOW LONG ARE YOUR PERFORMANCES?   An interactive performance is generally 45-minutes long, however we can easily tailor our performance to suit your individual entertainment and budget needs. 

NET STEPS?  If you'd like to book an interactive performance at your school or community event, please book here. If you're a parent looking for a holiday event, please search here. Or contact us for further information.