Interactive theatre parties

WHAT DO WE DO?   We offer dynamic, high-energy, imaginative and interactive theatre birthday parties for children from 3-7 years. Our parties are stress free. We don't need elaborate props or costumes (because we don't need them!) We'll arrive with nothing more than our Pyjama Drama music and, most importantly, our imaginations.

WHAT HAPPENS IN AN INTERACTIVE THEATRE PARTY?   Jam-packed with original music, drama games and adventure, we provide a party like no other. Audience participation is actively encouraged, and children love being involved in the action; taking on different roles (one minute a goodie, the next a baddie), sharing their ideas (shouting out is fine!), learning and joining in with new songs, and playing games inspired by the story. 

HOW MANY CHILDREN CAN YOU TAKE?  Parties work best with a maximum of 30 children.

HOW LONG ARE YOUR PERFORMANCES?   An interactive theatre party is approximately 1-hour long.

HOW MUCH DOES A PARTY COST?   For exact costs, please contact your local party leader who can be found by searching for 'parties' here. 

WHAT THEMES CAN WE CHOOSE FROM?   If your child dreams of hanging out with dragons, being a fairy queen, living in a castle, digging for buried gold or swimming with mermaids, you’re in the right place!

Dinosaur Stomp   A party for those who know their Stegasaurus from their T-Rex.  
Queen of the Fairies  
The Fairy Ball is about to start but who (or what?) has snatched the Queen’s fairy wings?
Magical Mermaids   
Only mermaid magic can help Merbaby when she gets lost at sea!
Pirate Adventure   
Find out what happens when two rival pirate gangs meet face to face…
Teddy Bear’s Picnic  I know where the teddy bears are having their picnic today and guess what? We’ve all been invited.
The Super-duper Superhero  Where good defeats evil every time!
A Frozen Birthday  An icy tale of two devoted sisters, and one cheeky snowman.
Alien Invasion  When the aliens come to live in your attic, you know you’re in for an adventure...
Princess Party  
All princesses love glitter and lace, and they all love pretty things. But I know a princess who also loves to jump in mud – do you?
Sailing the Seven Seas   Mermaids, pirates and treasure!
A Very Royal Birthday  For little princesses, princes and dragons everywhere...

NEXT STEPS?  If you'd like to book an interactive theatre party, please book here, or contact us for further information. Why not also check out our Adventure Parties for 2-4 years?