Play at home

The importance of play for babies and young children is undisputed; play is a child's first instinct and the way in which they learn about the world around them - how it tastes, looks, sounds and feels, as well as becoming familiar with all the different people in it! Playing games has a vital benefit for grown-ups too; children crave spending special time with the people they love, and this shared experience can help to create bonds that last a lifetime.

Our games are easy to play, as well as being great fun and helping to gently develop key skills. They can be played anywhere, anytime and children will love to play them over and over again.


How to play

Sit your baby on your knee and sing this song to the tune of ' Five little monkeys jumping on the bed'. Encourage your baby to clap at the end of each verse. Your little one will soon begin to anticipate the right time to clap is but, can they learn to wait?!

5 little children on sports day
Went outside to run and play
They all ran really, really fast
One came first and one came last (clap and shout 'hurrah!')

4, 3, 2, 1 little child/ren etc.

NB: Toddlers may want to jump off your knee and start running on the line, 'They all ran really, really fast', as well as clapping and cheering at the end.

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