Drama for babies

Before coming along to a class, people often ask how we 'do drama' with babies. After all, babies can't pretend, they haven't yet developed their imaginations so what's it all about? Well, put quite simply, it's about play!

Here at Pyjama Drama, we believe passionately in the power of play, and we know that playing games help babies and young children learn about their world and to develop their cognitivephysical and emotional skills. We also know that young children don't need complicated equipment or expensive toys, in fact, we firmly believe that you are your child's favourite toy - after all, there is nothing that delights a young child more than seeing the face of someone they love.

Perhaps most importantly of all, we know that when children play, they laugh, and that is why our classes are jam-packed full of fun, original and exciting games!

Here's a little game to try at home with your baby or toddler.