Pyjama Drama's online play programme will whisk your children (approx. 2-5 years) away to a series of fantasy worlds. 
In every session, we'll sing, dance, pretend and play; enjoy exciting adventures and meet a whole host of imaginary characters. 
Not only are our sessions lots of fun, they develop key life skills like confidence, co-operation, concentration and creative problem solving. 
We don't use props or costumes. Instead, we harness the power of the imagination to nurture confident, expressive, curious and happy children. 

Whether you're a childcare, school or parent, End of the Rainbow is available now for a one-off payment of only $9.95. 
Welcome and warm up session
6 x pre-recorded online play sessions
6 x Pyjama Drama original songs 
Downloadable resource pack


Watch each session as often as you like... and whenever you like! So, what are you waiting for? Let's play!