Run your own franchise

A Pyjama Drama franchise might be just what you are looking for...

Our vibrant team is made up of people just like YOU who want a FUN, FLEXIBLE and FINANCIALLY-REWARDING career, have a LOVE OF CHILDREN, and enjoy all things DRAMA and PLAY. Purchase a Pyjama Drama franchise and we'll help you achieve the life-long goal of LOVING the job you're in!

We offer many different opportunities for growth. Follow the path to success in the way that suits you.

Want to work mainly at weekends? Then offer interactive shows, parties and weekend public sessions.

Want to work mainly during the week? Then visit early learning and childcare centres, schools and playgroups too.

Want to work after school or during school holidays? Then provide after-school clubs and workshops.

Want to offer everything? Then hire someone to help you.

The options with Pyjama Drama are endless. Just pick up a session plan and run with it!

  • Run classes in early learning and childcare centres, playgroups, pre-schools, schools (6 months-7 years)
  • Run classes in public sessions (6 months-7 years)
  • Deliver interactive performances at early learning and childcare centres and schools, or at weekends and during the school holidays (2-7 years)
  • Provide drama workshops at weekends or during the school holidays
  • Run weekly drama clubs in schools or OSH (5-7 years) 
  • Provide Adventure Parties (2-4 years)
  • Deliver our unique Interactive Theatre Parties (3-7 years)                                                                               

Haven't got a drama degree? Don't worry. All we require are franchisees who love to play and make-believe. As long as you can pretend, be expressive, have a pleasant singing voice, and show a range of emotions on demand, you can inspire children!

Contact us today for an Info Pack; find out how much each franchise costs, what territories are available, what's includedwhat you can earnongoing franchise fees, our trainingsupport, and more.