People say the nicest things!

"Delivers buckets of enthusiasm and fun - a delightful introduction to the world of imaginative play. Loved the My Silly Mum show!" (Parent, 2021)


"My girl loves Pyjama Drama! It’s a great environment to build her confidence & imagination. Elle loves what she’s doing & it shows." (Parent, 2021)


"Such a great service. It always amazes me how well Pyjama Drama capture the children’s imagination and attention with so little props! We recently had incursions at our childcare centre and the staff member was friendly and professional with staff, and enthusiastic and engaging with the children. Would definitely recommend and will be booking again for sure." (Lake Joondalup Early Learning Program, 2021) 


"Pyjama Drama is great for the children because they are able to be actively involved. It gets them up and moving. The presenter was very enthusiastic and got the children’s attention." 

"Engaged throughout, a fantastic experience. We always love visiting our beautiful local library for these special events."  

"The children really enjoyed the Pyjama Drama incursion and being actively involved in the performance. The presenter was very enthusiastic and lively, which the kids loved." 

"Interactive and captured the attention of the students, telling the story of My Silly Mum through drama. The kids really enjoyed it!"  (St Anthony's Catholic Primary School, 2021)


"Thank you for presenting. I had very positive verbal feedback from the teachers.  The sessions were so engaging for the students. They were enthralled, visualising and acting out the story."  (City of Wanneroo, 2021)


"Great to meet you yesterday at Allara and thanks for the wonderful session! It was so great to see the level of engagement from the kids (and parents) and to see their confidence grow over that short time!"  (Satterley Group, 2021)


"Thank you so much for creating and presenting such a joyous Book Week event last night! The feedback was excellent."  (City of Kalamunda, 2021)


"Wonderful Pyjama Drama show this morning thank you. We enjoyed your rendition of The Stick Man! Thank you for a fun year. Eliza and Xander have both loved your classes and have grown so much in their imagination and play!! Looking forward to next year"  (Parent, 2020)


"A huge THANKYOU to Elle from Pyjama Drama. An amazing interactive learning experience that had all children using their imaginations and creativity. Fun and lively presentation. We are enthused to secure this incursion on a fortnightly basis for our Early Learning Centre." (Ellenbrook School of Early Learning, 2020)


"Thank you so much for coming out the Child and Parent Centre Roseworth to run Pyjama Drama. The feedback from parents was very positive and all children were thoroughly engaged throughout the program." (The Smith Family, Child & Parent Centre - Roseworth, 2020)


"We regularly contract the services of Pyjama Drama to support families with young children at our Child & Parent Centres. The team demonstrate a broad knowledge on the developmental stages of early childhood and are flexible when responding to specific family needs. Pyjama Drama are always very engaged with the children, encouraging important social skills." (The Smith Family, Child & Parent Centre - Westminster, 2020)


"The students enrolled in the ESC all have a disability ranging from mild to severe. They all look forward to their weekly session of Pyjama Drama. The sessions are matched to their particular needs and are great fun at the same time. Their program is engaing and inclusive. We have had Pyjama Drama coming to the ESC for 3 years now and look forward to continuing in 2021"  (Roseworth Education Support Unit, 2020) 


“Our children really enjoy Pyjama Drama and look forward to it each week. We feel that Pyjama Drama is a great educational tool that allows our children to learn through music and role play. We continuously see what they have learnt during Pyjama Drama transfer to their everyday play and exploration. Eleanor is very inviting and enthusiastic, which has encouraged even our shyest of children to participate.” (Kingsley Care for Kids, 2019)


Whether your child is shy or outgoing, Pyjama Drama offers something for every individual and develops a critical component of early learning — that of imaginative play. It is a brilliant program. One week your child is stuck in the mud whilst rescuing little piggies from the big bad wolf, and the next they are driving a train or looking for penguins hiding in the ice and snow. My 3 year old son Braiden absolutely loves Pyjama Drama. Eleanor is so entertaining and has a real knack for including everybody and tailoring each session to match the energy levels and mood of each child. This program is unique and unlike anything we have done before. It's got us hooked; we cannot recommend it highly enough. It’s just a big barrel of energy and fun from start to finish and we are really looking forward to coming back for term 2.” (Parent, 2019) 


“Grace LOVED her class last Wednesday! She talked about it the whole night and re-enacted the entire class for my husband when he got home from work! (Parent, 2019) 


"Just wanting to say a big thank you for the vibrancy you bring each and every time you attend Noeleen’s Family Day Care. Each time you leave, they (the children) continue to use their imaginations here and at home. The sessions you deliver are fun and interactive. We look forward to your visit each time you come.” (Noeleen's Family Day Care, 2019)


Miss Elle has the ability to make a room of ten children sound like thirty as she journeys with them through holistic and open-ended drama experiences. We can gauge the children’s enjoyment by the laughter and excitement they share with us and their enthusiasm towards the next Pyjama Drama class. Miss Elle applies limited props to her classes however, they are often themed. She sets the scene and the children are encouraged to venture deep into their imaginations, share their ideas with one another and make decisions with little to no limitations. We LOVE Pyjama Drama!” (Seagrove Boulevard Early Learning & Kinder, 2019)


"Have only been coming a few weeks and my 3 1/5-year-old Ruby absolutely loves it. Elle is so happy and very entertaining. Ruby wishes every day was Pyjama Drama day." (Parent, 2019)


"Pyjama Drama is now the highlight of my 3.5-year-olds week! Elle is really enthusiastic and makes sure all the children feel included. Would highly recommend the class to anyone with young children who want to encourage fun, active play-based learning." (Parent, 2019)


“Highly recommend Elle. Professional, entertaining and the children absolutely love her classes.” (Seagrove Boulevard Early Learning & Kinder, 2019)


“I am a childhood educator at a Preschool who are lucky enough to have Eleanor from Pyjama Drama visit each week. Preschool look forward to what adventures they will be exploring which is always fun because Eleanor makes the classes so engaging. Preschool always love to imagine, investigate and explore which is great for children’s development. I highly recommend Pyjama Drama, give it a go you will not be disappointed.” (Atlantis Preschool Yanchep, 2019)


"Thanks so much for your lessons at Atlantis Preschool Yanchep - the children love them” (Parent, 2019) 


“Fantastic fun for little ones where they use their imaginations, dance, and go on a journey through the session. I would highly recommend!” (Goodstart Early Learning Centre, 2019)


"Matilda and I have been going to Pyjama Drama with Elle for about a year now. In a world where we find ourselves in such a rush to put our kids in fast-paced activities to be their best or excel, it’s so refreshing to get back to basics with play, utilizing little people’s greatest gift of imagination. Elle takes the littlies on play adventures with songs, movement and imaginary play and really builds a great base for play and being ok to play alone with the imaginary friends that come back home with us every week. Such an amazing program It’s really a great way to spend quality time together. Thanks Elle.” (Parent, 2019)


"My 3 year Arna asks every day is it Pyjama Drama tomorrow? She loves and looks forward to it every week and now she has her own PJD shirt she's over the moon! Elle is extremely entertaining to watch and my daughter adores her and Elle's extremely patient with every child! My daughter has requested Elle and Pyjama Drama for her 4th birthday entertainment!" (Parent, 2019)


"Eleanor is amazing, always bubbly and enthusiastic. When my son first started he couldn't really listen or follow simple instructions. He's now dancing away and copying the actions. He loves Pyjama Drama and gets excited every week. So glad we joined." (Parent, 2019)


We love going to the babies Pyjama Drama on a Tuesday morning in Yanchep! Elle is always super positive and enthusiastic! My little one has been going since he was about 5 months and absolutely loves it, especially story time with the puppets. Elle makes it super interactive! And he gets very excited when I start singing the Pyjama Drama opening song at home!” (Parent, 2019)


Absolutely fantastic classes. My 5 yo daughter loved her first term and is eager for next term to commence. It's been great to see how all the kids have grown in confidence in just a few weeks. Elle keeps the classes fun, full of imagination and creativity. Elle's done an amazing job with a group of kids who sure can be a handful at times. Her professionalism and ability to keep the kids engaged has been a pleasure to observe each week” (Parent, 2019)


"I just wanted to pop a message through to say that the road safety Pyjama Drama was fantastic! Today we walked to the park and I told the girls to hold tight onto the pram and to listen to me especially when we cross the road. Lucy looked up and said I know what we need to do! We need to stop, look and listen for cars. I was amazed at what she said! I don’t usually go to many parks with the twins by myself because they are notorious for running off and not listening to me, but this was such a positive experience today. I just wanted to give you that feedback, because safety is such an important thing to learn and the girls really understood it, and I now have more confidence that they will behave and listen for cars. Thank you for helping teach our kiddies; it’s a fantastic job you’re doing." (Parent, 2019) 



“My 3 yr old LOVES her Pyjama Drama class each week - in fact we love it so much we booked her birthday party with Elle too! Was a huge success and all the kids (and their parents) loved it! Elle is so so good with the kids I'm always watching in awe at her creativity and patience. Thank you, Elle.” (Parent, 2018)


“Elle came to our Christmas playgroup party and the kids LOVED her, she was so amazing!!! Definitely want to look into her classes!” (Parent, 2018)


"I am just writing to say that we have explored many children's classes in Perth for my little one! We were particularly looking for a drama class. The Pyjama Drama programme has exceeded mine and my daughter's expectations! My daughter often got bored with other classes or didn't want to go after a few lessons, but not this time! She loves Pyjama Drama and all the different elements of singing, music & pretending. We will definitely be enrolling again in 2018!"  (Parent, 2017)